Career & Parental Coaching from Coachpath

Having worked in the past with Jo Williams, we were very interested to hear about her company, Coachpath, and the programmes she is currently offering, in particular –  Career and Interview Coaching and Parental Coaching.

Career and Interview Coaching

This programme helps candidates explore career opportunities and progression. It helps them focus on what they want next in their career progression and provides vital interview practice and feedback. The programme teaches valuable ways to improve interview skills plus CV and LinkedIn feedback and updates. 

Offering includes:

  • Career coaching – understanding your context and exploring your career development and options
  • Insight into ‘what ‘employers’ are looking for
  • Understanding your strengths and how to effectively communicate these
  • Exploring your values and personal motivation
  • Interview preparation and honest feedback
  • Feedback on CV and help with Linked In Profile

Potential clients:

  • Candidates who are good but would like help refining their interview skills and how they come across
  • Candidates who want to gain competitive edge at interview stage
  • Candidates who want to look at wider career options (Might be feeling a bit ‘stuck’)
  • Candidates who have hit a career crossroads or career ceiling and want to pro-actively explore new directions

To find out more go to the Coachpath website or ring Jo on 07584 578 424.

Parental Coaching

This programme is aimed at small to mid-size businesses that want to make a shift in their culture and are looking for programmes to help facilitate this.  Employers, current employees and potential candidates would benefit equally from this programme: 

The Benefits for the Organisation 

  • To help pro-actively retain and develop talent with the business 
  • To increase levels of productivity and engagement on return
  • To be truly supportive to the well-being of all employees
  • To build a reputation of supporting parents in the workplace both male and female
  • To potentially help reduce the gender pay gap which currently becomes apparent once women take maternity leave and on return to work 

The Benefits for the Individual

  • Focus on longer term goals and values and how to prioritise
  • To reduce levels of uncertainty
  • Safe space to talk through concerns and worries
  • Help shape a pro-active discussion about return to work
  • Space to discuss changes to working life and how to find a new balance 
  • Taking back control
  • Feeling invested in and valued by the organisation
  • Restorative space to think
  • Raises self-awareness

To find out more go to the Coachpath website or ring Jo on 07584 578 424